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by Ytreza @ 2020-09-13 08:04:09

Hello Mobiscribe team!
As a writer, I needed an e-ink reader on which I could handwrite in order to correct books, and also take notes. I also needed a small-sized and lightweight product in order to bring it when tru-hiking. In particular I used it quite intensively this summer and I was very happy with it. The writing feeling is very good (as good as paper or even better !) and it does not consume much energy. The size is perfect for me, larger than more standard e-reader, which makes reading more enjoying.
So really, regarding the hardware I have nothing to say. Yes, it's obviouly slow as it is e-ink based, but that's not a problem as long as one uses it for what it is designed.

However, something that I'd love to see improved in further updates is the software side. Here are some remarks:
*Note app : I experienced one crash which was very annoying as I lost several pages I wrote before. Now I took the habit to save very frequently, but it's a bit painful. Having a more stable app would be great.
*homereader3 : the app is minimalist but it's ok for me. However it often happens that books do not open when touched in the "all books" menu, such that I need to find them in nfiles and open them "manually".
*npaper : I experience crashes quite often, which is again annoying as each time I lose the notes I took on the pdf. This again forces me to save frequently, which is painful because there is no "save" button in the app so I have to close and reopen it. I'd also love to have more options in npaper, as other stylus than the default pen, a "save" button, more parameters, the possibility to insert commentaries and so on. Also, it is not possible to change the luminosity of the screen in this app, only the contrast, which can be a bit annoying (by the way, I really love that the temperature of the light can be changed! That's kind of a detail but in my opinion it improves a lot the reading experience in the dark).

Also, I noticed that the battery consumption is quite high when I write using the "note" app, much higher that when reading a book. As far as I understood, this should not be the case as the pen mecanically moves the ink droplets. Or is it when the page is turned, because the previous page has to be saved somehow? Well, in any case the consumption is still low, I'm just pointing this out in case there is a chance to optimise it.

Finally, one has to be very careful when using the eraser on the pen, as it can scratch the screen very easily. At the end of the day, I prefer to use the tip with the "eraser" mode. However I need to quite fullscreen mode for that, which is a bit annoying. I don't know how other note-taking devices perform regarding that, but I find it clearly a weakness of the mobiscribe. Isn't it possible to make pens with a smooth eraser?

Anyway, despite these drawbacks I'd highly recommend the mobiscribe, which is the only well-performing e-ink-reader-note-taking device I know in this format. While the apps are quite minimalist and subject to crashes, the writing feeling is really amazing and the display is perfect.

So, thank you mobiscribe, and I'm looking forward to see the next updates improve the softwares and stabilize the built-in apps!